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You wouldn’t think a person who is so small could have so much stuff. Your kid’s closet is a catastrophe! From clothes to toys to books to blankets to shoes, there’s entirely too much to put in the small closet. Do you need to throw things out? Do you need to move? Do you need to live with the mess? Actually, all you need is better organization! Organizing a kid’s closet is possible and easy if you follow our advice.


 Tips for Organizing a Kid’s Closet

Tip #1: Set yourself up for success with plenty of storage options. Bins, shelves, and baskets offer convenient ways to store a variety of items in your kid’s closet. It’s important to group them, otherwise the closet will look organized without actually being so. If you put random items together in storage bins and baskets, your child will haphazardly be pulling things out and before you know it, the closet won’t stay clean and organized for long. Sort through all of the items that need to go into the closet and group similar items together before moving any further.

Tip #2 Keep everything within reach. When you hide items to make the closet look better, you’re doing one of two things: prolonging the inevitable when your kid needs to find it again or making it so the item is completely forgotten about all together. Neither option is a true solution. A well-organized custom closet should allow your kid to easily see their clothing and other items without having to dig. Instead of stashing things in corners and other hard-to-see spots, we recommend using products that give them easy access to everything you’re storing.

Tip #3 Get down to your child’s level. The goal is for your child to be self-sufficient when getting ready in the morning and cleaning up in the evening, so you should look at the closet from your child’s perspective. Most closet bars and shelves are at an adult height, making it difficult for your child to put things away on their own. This is why we recommend lowering the bar, adding a second bar, or even adding additional child-height shelves. Bars and shelves can easily be adjusted. As your child grows, their closet will grow with them!

 Custom Closet Organization from Closets Plus

Organization is the key to having all of the storage space you could possibly want and need! If your kid’s closet feels too small, chances are good that the true problem is simple organization. It is time to make closet organization a priority. You don’t need to do this on your own! Closets Plus is the team of professional closet organization experts in Greenville. We are the solution to organizing a kid’s closet that you have been looking for.