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You know you need a better home storage option. As you’re watching your favorite show on HGTV or doing a bit of research online, you come across two separate terms. Do you need a wardrobe or a closet? Are they the same thing, or are there differences between the two? That’s what we are going to discuss right now!

Table of Content

  • What is a Closet?
  • What is a Wardrobe?
  • The Difference Between a Closet and a Wardrobe
  • Custom Closets in Greenville

What is a Closet?

A closet is an architectural feature. It is an enclosed space that is built into the room. House Digest reminds us that closets usually have folding or sliding doors to close them off, as well as shelves for hanging clothes below and stacking items above. A reach-in closet is a storage space where you can access the items you need simply by opening the door and reaching in. A walk-in closet, as you may imagine, is a large enough closet to walk into. It offers several square feet of storage space.

What is a Wardrobe?

A wardrobe also stores clothes, shoes, linens, and other items you’d like to neatly tuck away. It is a free-standing piece of furniture that is brought into a room. Also called an armoire or chifforobe, a wardrobe has space for hanging clothes like coats and dresses without needing to fold them. This item is movable and not built into the wall, making it a useful piece of furniture you can move throughout your home should your storage needs change. It is common for homeowners to turn to wardrobes for extra storage when their home doesn’t have enough to meet their needs, but they aren’t sure how to improve the space the home offers.

The Difference Between a Closet and a Wardrobe

A closet and a wardrobe are both basically storage features that are commonly found in a bedroom and used to store clothing. The main difference between the two is whether or not it is built into the house itself or not. As we said above, a wardrobe is a piece of furniture and is traditionally free standing.

The advantage of a built-in closet is that it can increase the movable space in your bedroom. A free-standing wardrobe will stick out from the walls. As well, a closet is also customizable, so you can design one that will fit your precise home storage needs.

Custom Closets in Greenville

The only thing left to do now is to decide which is the best home storage solution for your bedroom. When designing your dream bedroom, you need to make an important decision when it comes to storage space. Let the organization and design professionals at Closets Plus help you!