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For many people, their New Years Resolution has nothing to do with dieting or working out more. Instead, they’ve made their goal to have a more organized home. This is a great idea! Does your “New Year, New Me” mean you’ll finally be tackling that messy garage? If so, you’ll probably want a bit of help first. Intentional or not, your garage often becomes the dumping ground for everything you don’t want stored in the house. There are so many home and garden essentials, tools, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, and so on. Just looking in there can be overwhelming! Experts recommend these five tips:

#1 Hang your lawn equipment. The best way to make more space is to literally make more space in the room usable by thinking vertical. Use the walls! Place shovels, rakes, pruning shears, and other tools on a pegboard panel. This will get them and up and out of the way, leaving more floor space. 

#2 Make use of bins. Storing items in clearly-labeled bins is the best way to organize any room, your garage included. Simply nail wire shelves to a blank wall and fill it with labeled bins. They could say “Christmas decorations,” “baseball,” “outside toys,” and more. Just make sure you put the most-used items in the lower rows so you can easily reach them! 

#3 Put cabinets in the garage. With built-in garage cabinets, you can hide clutter by simply shutting the door! Cabinet storage makes it easy to keep the space organized. You can combine this with tip #2 and put labeled bins for your family’s lawn games and pool toys in the cabinet. Section off an area in the garage for a kids-only cabinet. Keep the bins for bike helmets, sidewalk chalk, and outside toys within eye-level, so they can put everything away on their own.

#4 Install a slatwall organizer. Similar to pegboard, a slatwall panel system lets you hang baskets, hooks, and tool holders in the arrangement of your choice. You can even nail a bike rack straight to the slatwall and keep everyone’s bikes or scooters within reach. Any time you can get loose items up and off the floor, you’re going to feel like your space is a lot cleaner and a lot more spacious.

#5 Place grab-and-go baskets by the door. Many families enter and exit through the garage instead of their front door. Hang a tiered organizer right next to the door to store reusable shopping bags, snacks, umbrellas, masks, sunglasses, and other miscellaneous items you find yourself needing most when you’re heading out the door.

Have you been neglecting your garage? Is it unorganized and needs a bit of refreshing? Closets Plus can help! Once your garage is cleaner and more organized, you’ll reap the benefits right away. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all!