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Do you need a bigger closet? Before you say yes and rush to your nearest general contractor to begin knocking out walls, you should know that the answer may in fact be better organization instead of larger space. It is true!

This is why, when you are unhappy with your closet or pantry storage space, your first call should be Closets Plus. We help homeowners all across the Greenville, SC area have the extra space they need simply by getting better organized! When you book a free closet organization estimate with us, we’ll go over a few tips and tricks that will make your space seem bigger than ever before. A few of the most popular include:

Determine the accessibility each item should have

Sure, you want to be able to reach all your shoes. When you stop to think about it though, the pairs you wear to work get pulled from the closet a lot more often than fancy heels you only wear on special occasions. The same goes for gowns and other formal wear, jewelry, and seasonal outfits. By keeping what you need the most frequently within arms reach, you won’t feel as if you’re constantly digging through the closet.

Don’t be afraid to purge!

Your closet or pantry may be too full because there’s simply too much stuff inside! Your organization efforts will be much more successful if you get rid of what you don’t truly need.

Consider the size of the items

Smaller items, like jewelry in the closet or seasoning in the pantry, is much more likely to get lost. On the other hand, large items can easily be moved to the back and still be pulled out when needed. Keeping this in mind is a good way to ensure nothing ever falls to the back and is never thought of again!

There’s many more ways to get better organized! Reach out to our professional team of closet and pantry organizers in Greenville, SC to move forward with having the storage space you need. We can be reached at (864) 297-9797.

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