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“What is the most difficult room in your home to keep clean and organized?”

If you asked this question to everyone you know, many of them would reply that it is whatever room the family spends the most time in. Whether you call it the living room, family room, or den, this is the space that is the most chaotic. There are toys, puzzles, electronics, games, remotes, books, picture frames, wires, controllers, and so much more. 

If you’re struggling to keep your room organized and looking good enough for company to visit, the true problem may lie in your entertainment center. It’s not doing enough to keep everything in its place!


Table of Contents

  • How to Better Organize an Entertainment System
  • What a Customized Entertainment Center Can do for Your Home
  • Custom Entertainment Centers From Closets Plus


How to Better Organize an Entertainment System

Organize an Entertainment System

While it’s a large room with a couch, coffee table, and other furniture, the main focal point is the entertainment system. Your entertainment center should provide plenty of functional storage space in a stylish design. This is achieved with built-in bookshelves and drawers.

Variety is key to functional organization, but also a good aesthetic! An entertainment center may look a lot like a bookcase, but you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just books on your shelves. Design experts encourage you to mix books with other decorative objects to create visual variety, like vases, artwork, a figurine, picture frames, and more. Don’t hesitate to combine different items on the same shelves.

Martha Stewart recommends a built-in entertainment system, as they look the best and also organize better than something you can buy retail. We agree!

What a Customized Entertainment Center Can do for Your Home

Right now, your living room is a mess of wires, electronics, and other items. A custom entertainment center designed just for you and your space setting is the key to getting everything off of the floor and out of eye sight. 

If you have a gamer at home, we can create a design that provides ergonomic access to the console, games, and controllers- all while accentuating your TV screen. Imagine no longer seeing wires everywhere, blinking lights, controllers, consoles, game chips, and other mess.

Perhaps you have young children and their toys are, well, everywhere. Just like a well-done custom closet, your entertainment system can make it possible to put everything in its proper place. This means a clean floor, not stepping over legos, dolls, and action figures every time you walk through the living room!

Custom Entertainment Centers From Closets Plus

Custom Entertainment Center in South Carolina

We offer you cabinets of all sizes and styles. Simply select your preferred materials, details, and finishes, and we will build a media center that will complement the rest of your room’s originality. You can choose from TV stands, shelves, or a complete home theater design. With a limitless range of combinations, you are sure to have an original and completely custom entertainment center that’s tailored to your family’s precise needs.


Contact our design specialists for a free consultation and we will create a solution to make your TV and other electronics fit with style and comfort, while also allowing for easy access and storage.