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If your closet feels too small, chances are good that the true problem is simple organization. It is time to make closet organization a priority, whether you’re talking about your own master closet, a hallway closet, or the closet in one of your kid’s rooms. Organization is the key to having all of the storage space you could possibly want and need!

That being said, organization isn’t as clear cut as it may seem. It is very possible that you are making a common mistake and your organizational efforts are being sabotaged by it. In fact, you could be creating more work for yourself without realizing it. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Mistake #1 Not preparing or planning ahead. Preparing for this project is just as important to reaching the goal as the actual work. Before you begin, be sure to have a clear vision and plan in place. You want to have an understanding of how you would like your closet to flow and function. Ask yourself what you are hoping to accomplish with this organizational effort. Be sure that your strategy for closet organization helps you achieve your desired outcome.

Mistake #2 Rearranging everything instead of removing items. Simply making a small closet look tidier by rearranging items into neat stacks or rows is a temporary solution that doesn’t solve the actual problem. You have too much in there! You need to sort through all of the items to free up space and get rid of things you no longer want or need. There are plenty of local community organizations who would gladly accept your donations of unwanted clothing, jewelry, blankets, and shoes.

Mistake #3 Hiding items. When you hide items to make the closet look better, you’re doing one of two things: prolonging the inevitable when you need to find it again or making it so you completely forget about the item all together. Neither option is a true solution. A well-organized closet should allow you to easily see your clothing and other items without having to dig. Instead of stashing things in corners and other hard-to-see spots, we recommend using products that give you easy access to everything you’re storing.

Mistake #4 Storing without organizing. Bins, shelves, and baskets offer convenient ways to store a variety of items in your closet. It’s important to group them, otherwise your closet will look organized without actually being so. If you put random items together in storage bins and baskets, you’ll haphazardly be pulling things out before you know it and your clean closet won’t stay that way for long. Sort through them and group similar items together before moving any further.

Closets provide the convenient storage your home needs, but they can also become cluttered all too easily. You don’t need to do this on your own! Closets Plus is the team of professional closet organization experts in Greenville you have been looking for.