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We all want to eat healthier and live a long life. But it can be so hard! Whether you’re so busy you find yourself running through the drive-through more than you would like to admit or you’ve been having more cheat days than not, it is time to get your eating habits back on the right track.

It may surprise you to find out that this doesn’t need to be difficult. You don’t need special detox tea or harmful diet pills. You just need a better pantry! Keeping your pantry in order makes it easier to find what you need, and is also a fantastic way to keep your healthy eating resolution. This is because a well-planned out pantry organization strategy puts healthy choices front and center right where you will see them. This helps you eliminate the desire for the sweets and carbs you want to avoid because you won’t even see them. Out of sight means out of mind! It’s a lot easier to stick to a better eating plan when you’re not regularly making eye contact with your kid’s lunchbox snacks. Consider the following:

#1 Ensure you won’t run out of your healthy snacks.

A well-organized pantry often involves you taking food from its original box or package and putting it into labeled containers. You can more easily see the quantities remaining for each item and stop running out when you see exactly how much is left. If your healthy snacks are always in stock, you may be less likely to grab a sweet treat or a handful of chips in a state of starvation. You’re also more accountable to yourself when you can’t hide what you’re stocking the pantry with!

#2 Organization allows you to make the right food choices where you can see them.

How long are you going to stay strong when brownies are right at your eye level every time you look into the pantry? Maybe for a little while, but not forever! You should move the stuff you should eat to be at eye level. A pantry organization strategy will better serve your health goals if the first thing you see when you’re hungry is a good choice. Push the treats to an area you won’t see very often.

#3 Create “zones.” You may also find it helpful to create “zones.”

Maybe one shelf is for baking ingredients, another is for the kids’ snacks, one is for cereal, and a small zone is for sugary treats. Use the healthiest zones, like granola bars, fruit, and trail mix, where you will be seeing them often. Don’t even look in the direction of where you know the sweet zone is!

For those in Greenville, SC, Closets Plus Inc can help you meet your pantry organization goals. We do a lot more than just closets! When you have a professionally-organized pantry, you will reap all of the benefits mentioned above and more.

For more information on the pantry organization, please call us at (864) 297-9797 or reach out to us using our online form. Don’t make your diet plans any harder than they need to be. Set up your pantry in a way that helps you stick to it!

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