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Is your kid’s room a mess? Preschoolers leave toys all over the place, school-aged kids have too many legos and dolls everywhere, and teenagers simply drop their clothes and school papers and leave them there. If you are frustrated with the way their room looks, you certainly aren’t alone. Many Greenville parents are finding the best solution is actually to reorganize their closet. Your family needs the closet organization that comes from Closets Plus, Inc!

Kids needs a space that stores everything they keep in their room. Of course this includes clothes, but also their tech gadgets, toys, sports equipment, and books. We can increase hanging space, maximize storage, and organize the wardrobe to evolve with your child. This is accomplished by hanging space, shelves, drawers, and other storage options. Our systems employ intelligent storage solutions to help you use all the space available. You won’t believe how big their closet feels when we are finished, even though we don’t actually change the square footage. We are able to do this because every closet we work on is custom made to the child or teen’s unique space, while emphasizing functionality. This means if your kid needs to store a lot of books, we’ll add more shelves, or if she needs to hang a lot of long dresses we can account for that too. As your child grows older, their closet will need to adapt as he or she grows and changes. This is why we use adjustable shelving and hanging areas to better organize the closet for the long run, not just what they need right now.

Yes, it will be organized and tidy, but it will also look nice! Our wide variety of finishes, materials, and details will help your kids’ closet blend perfectly with the rest of her or his bedroom design. You won’t be able to tell their closet was not originally built this way!

When your kids’ closet is organized and their toys are put away, your entire family will enjoy more efficient, stress-free living. Take the next step toward an efficient closet system by calling us at (864) 297-9797. We will give you a free kids’ closet organization consultation when you reach out to us! Don’t forget, we do more than just kids’ closets. We can add extra storage space to your master closet, laundry room, home office, kitchen pantries, and more.

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