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Functional Custom Laundry Rooms in Greenville, SC

Design a Laundry Room With The Experts at Closets Plus Inc.

Beautiful, Functional, and Custom Laundry Room Design

Your laundry room may be your least favorite room, but you will be pleasantly surprised what a Closets Plus Inc. can do for your outlook! Our expert designers can come up with a functional laundry storage system that’s fully tailored to you and your needs. Our full-service custom laundry rooms in Greenville are not only functional but they also meet your aesthetic preferences.

While we probably can’t convert the laundry room to your favorite room, we can help you design a laundry room that meets and surpasses all your expectations. Our laundry room design services can change the way you interact with this room, making your time in it feel less tiresome.

We can ensure you have everything you need to make laundry day as worry-free and convenient as possible. Our custom laundry rooms in Greenville include a variety of features to improve their functionality. From wider counters space to improved washer and dryer placing. Additionally, we offer a variety of finishes so your laundry room looks as neat as the rest of your home. 

You can upgrade your laundry storage system can with the following features:

  • A sorting area
  • Cabinets
  • Shelving
  • Pullout baskets
  • Valet rods
  • Ironing boards

We are just a phone call away from installing an organized laundry room you can actually enjoy.  At Closets Plus Inc. we can transform your laundry room design into something enjoyable and effortless. Get in touch with us today and design a laundry room that’s perfect for you with the help of our experts.

Custom laundry room design in Greenville.

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Custom laundry room in Greenville, SC

Need Laundry Room Ideas?

At Closets Plus Inc., we have developed custom storage system projects for various rooms. From custom closets to custom laundry rooms in Greenville, we have done it all.

If you need inspiration to design a laundry room for your home or for laundry room decorating, you can visit our gallery or contact us.

Every storage system we build is fully custom and fits each client’s specific needs and wishes. However, by reviewing our previous projects, you can get inspiration for your brand new laundry system.

Customize your Laundry Room Design with Experts

Get a custom laundry room in Greenville, SC with Closets Plus Inc. Our experts can design and build the perfect laundry storage system to meet all your needs. From cabinets to ironing boards, we can add every feature you need. 

Get in touch with us today for a custom system to make your laundry days easier.

Custom laundry room in Greenville with storage system.
Custom storage system for every room

Custom Storage Solutions for Every Room

At Closets Plus Inc., we offer custom storage systems for every room. From closets to garage rooms, washing machine and dryer closets, and much more. We can design and build a brand new custom storage system for any room and make your house more organized, and clutter-free.

Never worry about losing anything again, with our custom storage systems you can ensure everything is where it should be.

Custom Walk-in Closet Design

Owning a walk-in closet in itself offers endless storage solutions. Nonetheless, upgrading and customizing it to your liking can make the difference between merely having the space and taking full advantage of it.

At Closets Plus, Inc, we are expert custom closet designers and builders. Utilize our custom closet design services to maximize the storage in your walk-in closets.

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