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The end of August and start of Autumn means it is back to school time for many families! Is yours one of them? You want your kids to take on elementary, middle, or high school like a pro. This means more than just purchasing new school supplies and meeting their teachers. It’s time to get organized! Back to school season means getting focused, organized, and tidy. This mindset extends to your kitchen pantry.

Whether you’re looking to save yourself some stress, help your kids get their own snacks more easily, or get everyone out the door faster, these pantry organization ideas will ensure smoother mornings, easier meals, and a happier family:

#1 Make afterschool snacks easy to get. When kids and teens get home from school, they’re hungry! You don’t want chaos; you want them to quickly and easily get a snack. Pantry organization makes this easy. Exactly how this is tackled is up to you. You can go for clearly-marked storage bins or hanging shelves. Just make sure their favorite snacks are well within reach and marked so they know exactly what they’re grabbing.

#2 Put cereal and other breakfast items into bins. If your kids and teens like to wake up at the last minute, you’re certainly not alone! This means making breakfast quick and painless is essential to getting out the door on time. As soon as you purchase cereal, take it out of the boxes and pour it into clear bins. This is also helpful to put oatmeal, granola, or other breakfast items in.

#3 Plan dinners in advance. It’s tough to get everyone back home and then start dinner. You just don’t have the energy! Busy families can save both time and stress by preparing their dinners on Sundays instead of resorting to takeout or frantically searching through the pantry when everyone is finally home. If your pantry is well organized, you can easily make a few nights of meals in advance in no time at all, then put them in tupperware in your fridge or freezer. Your future self will thank you!

#4 Add a door rack for lids. Storing your tupperware, pots, and pans is one thing, but finding room for their lids, too, is an entirely different problem. A door rack keeps them out of your way, but still easily accessible when you need them. Cooking dinner, packing lunches, and putting away leftovers just got a lot easier!

#5 Designate a spot for packets. Your family may use many packets throughout the week, everything from kool-aid to pot roast seasoning. You already know how easy it is to lose these packets. This problem is easy to fix with a bin. As soon as you purchase the packets, put them where they go and you won’t lose them.

Remember, you don’t need to handle it alone! Greenville and the surrounding areas of South Carolina can rely on the professional organization experts at Closets Plus. We’re here to help! Contact us at (864) 297-9797 for a free estimate and to get started getting a better organized life this Fall.