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We’re passionate about storage and pantry organization! Because of this, we’re here to tell you a few expert tips and tricks you’ve probably never heard before. For instance, did you know that:

#1 There’s more than one way to organize a pantry.

Your family and your lifestyle are totally unique, so it makes sense that your pantry organization needs would be too. For some people, “like with like” works just fine. This means spices together, soup cans together, cereal together, etc. For others, something else works better. Consider the frequency of use. Think about your routines and designate discrete storage areas for them. A few examples include a coffee station, a breakfast food shelf, a lunch shelf, and an after-school snack bin.

#2 Remember “first in, first out.”

This is a fantastic rule of thumb to keep in mind any time you’re organizing a space with perishables, from a grocery store shelf to a food co-op to, yes, your kitchen pantry. When restocking the produce aisle, your grocery store workers pull the older vegetables and fruits to the forefront and add newer items to the back. The practice encourages shoppers to reach for older (though still fresh enough to eat) items first. This creates less waste. Follow the same method in your pantry and you’ll find yourself throwing away much less.

#3 Keep some items away from each other.

Did you know that storing onions and potatoes next to each other makes the potatoes go bad faster? Many people don’t know these little tricks! Also, be sure to keep the flour away from strong-smelling items, like cumin and curry powder. This is best so that the flour doesn’t absorb any of the flavors. The same goes for bread. In fact, it’s best to keep loaves of bread and buns in a bread box.

#4 Use labels!

One of the best techniques for pantry organization is to put everything into jars or bins. Then, you need to label everything! Experts will tell you to do more than put a name on it, though. Since you’ll be taking it out of the original box, you may also want to include nutritional facts and the expiration date. 

#5 Don’t forget the non-food items!

The best way to have a clean, clear countertop is to make sure there’s room in the pantry for items like small appliances. Rice cookers, blenders, and mixers probably aren’t used that often so there’s no reason for them to take a permanent place on the countertop. 

This is only the beginning! When you contact Closets Plus for an organization consultation, we’ll go over all of this with you and much more.

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