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While you’re at home, it is a great time to look around and finally do the chores you’ve been putting off. It is spring after all, so why not do some spring cleaning? Cleaning out your closets is the perfect way to make yourself feel productive today and get rid of some unwanted, torn, old, and ill-fitting items.

As you go in there and take a look, though, you may realize this is a bigger job than you first thought. It’s okay! That just means it really was time to do this! With a few steps, you can knock this chore out and spend the rest of the evening watching a movie or doing a puzzle:

#1 Take everything out. Yes-everything! The first step to cleaning out your closet is to take an inventory of what is actually in there. Remove clothes, hangers, and shoes plus any items from shelves, bins and drawers, too. You want to start completely fresh!

#2 Get a few bins or bags. Next, you are going to divide everything up. Make a “trash” bin as well as a “donate” bin. If you have a lot of trendy or designer items, you can also make a third box for items you can sell to a resale store.

#3 Be picky about what goes back in. Make rules and stick to them! For instance, if you haven’t worn something in a year but it is still in good condition it can go to the “donate” or “sell” boxes. If it has holes or rips that, throw it in the “trash” bin. If something is just not your style, it goes in the “donate” bin. You can make your own rules, just make sure you are strict on yourself and don’t talk yourself into putting something back into the closet that turns right back into clutter.

#4 Take all your unwanted items away. It does you no good to let your unwanted items sit somewhere else in your room. As soon as you can, drop off the “donate” and “sell” bins. The “trash” pile should be taken to the curb the next time you have garbage pickup. For everything else, move it back into your now-spacious closet.

Don’t waste your time at home when there’s chores that need to be done. Cleaning out your cluttered closet will only take a little while, and it will make such a big difference!

Of course, you don’t want to let it get cluttered again. That is where Closets Plus comes on. We have been helping Greenville, SC homes stay organized and clutter-free for over 20 years. Your closet can be our next success story! Whether it is a walk-in, reach-in, guest bedroom, or even another type of storage closet, like a pantry, we are here to help. Our professional design consultants can sit down with you and design the organization system that fits your needs. You can have baskets, a tie rack, jewelry storage, shoe shelves, and so much more. For a free closet organization consultation, please call us at (864) 297-9797 or send us an email at When you can actually get dressed and go out again, it will be easy to piece together an amazing outfit!

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