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You’ve been spending a lot of time inside your house lately. Has all of this “safer at home” made you feel more like “crowded at home?” All of a sudden, you may feel like your home is so cluttered and you have more stuff than you have places to put it all. This is particularly true regarding your closet. You don’t need to move or even throw out bins and bins of your family’s items. All you need to do is make the organization a focus!

A clean, organized closet will solve the problems you’ve been noticing lately. As an added benefit, it will streamline your morning routine once you finally do get back to work and school. If you want to make the most of your space, try one, two, or all of these closet organization and storage ideas:

#1 Remove your current doors and install bypass doors instead.

Never again will you have to walk from end to end in search of what you need! Bypass doors make it easy to see everything in your closet all at once. Plus, they have the added benefit of taking up less space because they don’t swing open. You’ll feel like your bedroom just got bigger!

#2 Install a wall shelf.

What do you do if you can’t add more square footage? You take advantage of the vertical space! When you install shelves up the walls and can store your items up and down, you have a lot less clutter around the floor.

#3 Choose hidden doors.

If you go with doors that camouflage right into the walls, you will feel like your room is more spacious because it won’t look like a closet is even there. It will make your entire room feel more organized, especially if the closet behind those hidden doors are well organized too!

#4 Take advantage of the corner.

Too many times, corners are just wasted space. It doesn’t need to be that way! These corner shelves can provide a home for bags, jewelry, and other small items.

#5 Put in some storage benches.

For a small closet, every inch is precious. Put in some benches that feature storage underneath. You’ll have a place to sit when putting on your shoes and be able to easily store many items out of sight.

#6 Use shoe organizations for more than just shoes.

A few handy bins can be great for items beyond shoes. They can also be used for bulky items like sweaters and other winter clothes that you don’t want to take up too much space with by hanging. Just be sure to roll the sweaters before stowing them away and they won’t take up much room at all!

Remember, Closets Plus is here to help! You don’t need to manage your storage and organization solutions on your own. Bring in the experts! We pride ourselves in listening to our clients’ needs so we know that we can help your home. To get started, give us a call at (864) 297-9797 and get a free closet organization consultation. You can also reach out online and send us a message.

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