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Do you have a storage problem around your home? This is a common one. Many homeowners think the problem is their closets, which is probably true. “I need large, walk-in closets!” you may be saying. While this is a very typical response, it is often not correct. You see, the actual size of your closet isn’t the issue. If you fix the organization of your closet, even a reach-in closet can easily store everything you need to put inside. A custom reach-in closet is the answer you’ve been looking for!

You may be wondering how a company like Closets Plus can promise this. We have experts who handle this kind of thing every single day. Let’s discuss a few organizational ideas that will make your custom reach-in closet feel bigger and more expansive than you ever thought possible!

Consider adding a closet system with built in drawers to your custom reach-in closet.

A built-in closet organization system with drawers is perfect for any sized closet, even one that is a very small closet. For many the problem is that you just can’t seem to store enough stuff inside your closet, particularly a kid’s bedroom or hallway closet. Kids seem to have an endless amount of shoes, diapers, stuffed animals, clothes, toys, blankets, and other things that need to be put away. Just shoving them inside the closet doesn’t work. With drawers, everything from socks to small toys to shoes to headbands has an assigned place to go. This will make cleaning up their room much easier, plus you don’t need to worry about losing anything again. When you open their closet door, a bunch of clothes won’t come falling down on top of you!

You can’t go wrong with bins.

For larger items like blankets, pillows, and winter sweaters, a drawer probably won’t do. Many hallways closets store holiday decor, which is also tough to place into drawers. The next solution, for larger or bulkier items, is storage bins. Even a small closet can handle bins of this size. At Closets Plus, we help you see your closet’s incredible possibilities, not the limited storage space it currently offers. Our designers are experts at organizing a custom reach-in closet system, complete with storage bins for anything and everything.

Place anything else on built-in shelves.

If your reach-in closet is used for hanging clothes, like winter coats when it isn’t the season for them, you’ll need shelves. By using shelves, we can increase hanging space, maximize storage, and organize your clothes so that getting dressed is a joy, not an impossible task. Of course, our wide variety of finishes, materials, and details will help your shelves blend perfectly with the rest of your bedroom design and never look like an afterthought. Any visitors to your rooms will think the builder of your home was so clever to add such a convenient detail into the home design!

You simply cannot fit all of your belongings in a small closet without the proper level of organization. Closets Plus can do this all for you and your custom reach-in closet. We have helped homeowners just like you enjoy living in their homes again because they no longer struggle with storage space issues. Give us a call at (864) 297-9797 and let us know you’d like a free consultation regarding your Hendersonville, NC home and a custom reach-in closet.

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