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Many of us are working from home right now for the first time ever. What started out as “Cool! I can bring my laptop home and work in my pajamas.” has turned into “Okay, I really need an office.” a year later. Clearly, getting work done at home isn’t a temporary thing. You need your home office to be just as functional, organized, and well-planned as an office in a more traditional work environment. Now is the time to finally do it!

We here at Closets Plus are here to help! We are the organization experts, and not just for closets! We also work on Greenville area home offices as well. Here are just a few experts tips to get your started thinking in the right direction:

#1 Convert a walk-in closet into a work space.

This works out much better than you may be imagining in your mind. If you are trying to determine how to bring a home office into your space, and there just isn’t enough free wall space to do it, converting a closet into one is a fantastic solution. While working in a closet may sound cramped, once you remove the unnecessary clutter, you will see what a prime real estate area it is for your home office. A desk, shelves, proper lighting, and a door that closes is all you need to make a great work space!

#2 Determine what functions are necessities

Getting organized means doing away with the clutter. When creating a home office space, it will be most successful if you pair down from large amounts of stuff! Determine what elements of your home office are essential and which ones are for pure decoration or because you simply haven’t put them away yet. Streamline your paperwork and files, into storage containers, file cabinets and stylish desk and shelf organizers.

#3 Make your workspace inspiring

Bring a personal style to your closet home office! Just because you are building an organized workspace doesn’t mean it has to look bland and boring. Before you put up any shelving, opt for painting the inside walls an inspiring color or plan to use colorful photos and personal touches to bring the entire space alive. There are craft stores with coordinating desk accessories, bulletin boards with markers, and wall decor. If your office is near a window, you may want to consider using fabric or colorful window treatments as a way to make it feel relaxing and pretty. The more you like it in your home office, the more work you’ll get done!

Are you ready to get started? Great! All you need to do now is reach out to our organization experts at Closets Plus. We can be reached by calling (864) 297-9797 or filling out our simple online connect form. We’ll take it from here!