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The Holiday Season is here at last! For many people, one of the best parts of this time of year is that you can decorate and fill your home with cheer. We can all agree that everyone needs some cheer after 2020. While you may love the look of a fully decked-out home, shuffling through piles of wreaths, lights, ornaments, wrapping paper, tinsel, and stockings is not nearly as much fun. You don’t need to forgo the decorations you love. You simply need to organize!

Thankfully, this organization is not as overwhelming as it may seem. Simply follow one, two, or a few of these tips:

#1 Designate a Holiday Closet. Put all holiday decorations, for Christmas and others, into one designated storage space. This will put all your holiday gear into one spot and reduce the need to search for anything. When Christmas is over, put your garland and ornaments back in and pull the Valentine’s Day hearts out. It can be that easy with the right reach-in closet organization

#2 Use Clear Bins. Even having a designated closet won’t do much good if you’re just staring at stacks of boxes and not sure what’s in them. Pack your holiday decorations and other gear into clear storage bins that are clearly marked with what’s inside. This may take a bit of time to set up the first year, but the time it will save you in years to come more than makes up for it. Your future self will thank you!

#3 Hang Your Wreaths. If you’re the type of person who has a wreath for every holiday, you don’t want them smashed in a bin for eleven months until it is time to shine. Hang them up! A rod and a few handy hooks are all it takes to keep them perfect while they wait for their season to roll around again. You don’t need to dedicate an entire closet to wreaths. Just add a bar to your holiday closet high above the bins and they’ll stay intact.

#4 Set Aside a Hanging Wrapping Station. Rolls of wrapping paper are awkward to store and constantly in the way. If you don’t store them correctly, the paper tears and can’t be used at all. You can store your paper and use up dead space with a wall-mounted storage system. Hang it in the holiday closet on a blank wall, put your paper in it, and viola! Your wrapping paper is out of the way and ready to be used again at a later date.

Here at Closets Plus, we offer professional organization to those in the Greenville area. If you need a little help accomplishing anything on the list above, we’re here to help! Setting up organized closets like this is exactly what we do best.