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You know that your current closet just isn’t cutting it. You need something better. You need a custom closet! We are here to help you with this exciting decision! Closets Plus has been helping Greenville homeowners upgrade their storage and organization for years, and we can’t wait for you to be our next satisfied customer. With this in mind, let’s learn more about installing your new custom closet.

Preparing for Installation

You have met with your Closets Plus expert, finalized the design, and scheduled the installation. Now you just sit back and wait for the magic, right? Not quite. There’s actually one more step. Your space should be prepped prior to installation day. When your closet installer arrives on installation day, he’s going to bring in all the pieces to your new storage system. The plan is that he will be able to start assembling everything right away. In order to do this, the space must be cleaned out and prepared beforehand. Remove everything from the space, sweep the floors, and possibly even spackle and paint if needed. Nothing ruins the look of your nice new storage system like ugly, dingy walls! You should also move items such as pictures hanging on the wall in nearby rooms, as they could be shaken loose during the installation process.

Installing a Custom Closet

The vast majority of our projects can be installed in just a few days, sometimes even less for a simple reach-in closet. During the installation, our crew will remove old shelving and closet rods. Then, they will get to work installing everything you want, from shelves to drawers and beyond. Your closet will be utterly transformed!

Our wide variety of finishes, materials, and details will help your walk-in closet blend perfectly with the rest of your bedroom design. While we work, it’s best if someone is home to answer any questions or make decisions about where exactly closet accessories should be placed, such as a mirror, basket, or jewelry drawer. If someone can’t be home, that’s okay too but we do highly recommend you discuss these details with your Closets Plus team member ahead of time. The installation crew will complete the job just as you and your organization expert agreed. 

After the installation is complete, the building crew will let you know you can begin loading clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other items into your new closet. This is going to be so exciting! All that’s left to do then is enjoy your highly functional and beautifully organized reach-in or walk-in closet.

Custom Closets in Greenville by Closets Plus

It will be so much easier to stay organized once there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. The only thing left to do now is actually book your consultation!