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If you’ve been thinking a lot about your laundry room lately, you’re not alone. We’ve all spent a lot of time at home this year so you’ve probably been seeing the room quite often. “It’s so small!” and “It’s so cramped in here!” you’ve been saying. Do you need to move in order to have a bigger laundry room? Not necessarily. A few simple laundry room design and organization tips are all you need to love the space again (or for the first time!)

#1 Make it a space you find beautiful. Make it your own! Try out that bold floor tile, wallpaper, or trendy pop of color you’ve been eyeing. Chances are pretty good that no one goes into your laundry room other than you and your family, so you don’t need to worry about what other people will say about your design and style choices. This room is just for your tastes!

#2 Add a laundry sink. You want to look for a stain-resistant sink with a deep bowl. Any sink that meets this description will be fantastic for hand washing delicates, soaking extra stained items, pre-washing sweaty gym clothes, cleaning up paint-brushes, washing off dirty shoes, and taking care of any accidents. 

#3 Design it for “Four Zones.” Your laundry room should be designed with four zones in mind: sorting, washing/drying, ironing, and folding/hanging. With some creative planning and expert help from the team at Closets Plus, you can pack a lot of functionality into even the smallest of laundry rooms. If you have the floor space for a sorter, this is an easy place to start. 

#4 Maximize storage space. You’re going to want to use bins, shelves, baskets, cabinets, and cupboards to your advantage. In addition to laundry items, laundry rooms tend to store cleaning products, bulk supplies, the warranty paperwork for the water heater, and other random but necessary household goods. Closed storage, like a cabinet, is an attractive way of keeping these items organized, accessible, but out of sight.

#5 Keep what you need within reach. Everything shouldn’t be out of sight, of course. Open storage provides convenience and ease of use for frequently used items, like your laundry detergent, stain pre-treater, and dryer sheets. A shelf directly above your washer and dryer makes for a convenient place for these items. As you’re getting a load into the wash, simply reach up and there it is!

If you’re ready to get serious about making your laundry room more organized and efficient, Closets Plus can help. We do more than just closets! We also have organization experts who can make your laundry room the space of your dreams. A bit of professional design and focus on organization is all it takes! To begin, reach out for a free consultation by calling (864) 297-9797.