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A master closet has to work hard. It has to hold all of the clothes, shoes, jewelry, ties, seasonal jackets, and other items of not one person- but two! If your home is older, it has to fit all of these items in a space that isn’t very big at all. Are you out of luck? Do you need to move? No way!

What you need is to focus on organization over size. You see, if a master closet is organized properly, it won’t feel nearly as small as it does now. You will reach in for your shoes and find them right away. Your closet partner will reach in to find their work attire, putting together a great outfit with ease. Everyone’s mornings are happier, easier, and more efficient. The only question is, how can you achieve this organization? Closets Plus is here to help!

#1 Sort your clothes by category. Organization begins with sorting. Separate your clothes into categories like pants, dresses, tops, outerwear, accessories, and out-of-season items. Your mornings are much more efficient if you can reach towards your pants, then pick a shirt, and then easily find the right shoes. You’re all done!

#2 Think vertically. Chances are pretty good that even if your master closet doesn’t have a lot of square footage on the floor, it is tall. Use that space with shelves going all the way up to the ceiling! Vertical storage space, built-in shelving, and hanging rods can be used to your advantage.

#3 Prioritize what needs to be hung up. You may not have space to hang up every t-shirt you own and that’s okay. Focus on hanging anything that is delicate, fancy, or sturdy. This means dresses, skirts, suits, and sturdy, structured pieces like coats and blazers. Hang everything facing the same direction, with longer items on the left and shorter items on the right so the bottom of your clothes creates an upward sloping line.

#4 Stack thick items in built-in shelves. Your denim, t-shirts, and sweaters can be neatly folded and stacked inside the built-in shelves. Bulky winter sweaters and stiff denim jeans don’t need to be hung, so there’s no need to take up precious hanger space with these items.

Never worry about the size of your master closet again! Those in the Greenville, SC area can call upon Closets Plus for help achieving the closet of their dreams. Starting with a detailed consultation to determine exactly what you want to accomplish, we help you see your master closet’s incredible possibilities. Our designers are experts at organizing a customized walk-in closet system that can increase hanging space, maximize storage and organize your wardrobe so that getting dressed is a joy, not a chore. Call us today for your custom walk-in closet at (864) 297-9797. The consultation is free!