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Are you getting ready to move? How exciting! This time of year is when many teens graduate from high school and move on to college, which means many parents are ready to move into a small home more appropriate for just the two of them. It’s an exciting time for everyone! Moving to a smaller home comes with many benefits. This type of move often allows you to get in a more desirable location, you’ll have cheaper utility bills, and a lower mortgage. You’ll probably also have many great new neighbors in the same life circumstance you are in, which means becoming fast friends! Despite these perks, moving from a larger to a smaller living situation also comes with a host of challenges. How will all your stuff fit in your new home? How will you organize your space? Is it possible to make your new home feel large when it’s so small?

Moving into a small home means less closet space. You may have a small home, but you still have the same amount of stuff! What can you do? It is possible to make a small space feel much bigger, and many of them are quite easy to achieve. These space tips can help someone in your position:

#1 Keep your rooms bright and open, not crowded. When it comes to patterns in smaller homes, experts recommend using minimal, clean walls, and avoiding overly busy wallpaper. Also, don’t try to put as much furniture into your new home as the larger house you’re leaving. All of this clutter can make a space feel crowded. It’s time to purge some accent tables and other non-essential furniture pieces. Paint the walls white or another light color. Consider buying dark or patterned pillows, curtains, and rugs as an alternative to having the walls this way.

#2 Use natural light. Light plays a powerful role when it comes to expanding small spaces and making them feel larger. This doesn’t mean placing lamps everywhere. Take advantage of all the natural light you can. Leave curtains open and allow sunlight to flood in! This will greatly open up your small room and make it feel bright, large, and clean.

#3 Install organizational shelves in your closets. Figuring out storage and how to keep a small home organized can be a challenge, but it’s incredibly rewarding to achieve. Think vertically instead of horizontally in regard to storage and organization in a small space. Go up! When putting boxes on shelves or in storage cube baskets, it is a good idea to label them and keep similar items in the same box to save on containers and the space those containers take up. If you do it right, you can cut down on the furniture you need, like no longer having a large dresser. A few shelves and bins are all it takes!

For those in the Greenville, SC area, there’s Closets Plus! We can make your too-small closet feel much larger through the use of shelves, bins, and other organizational features. It doesn’t need to be a walk-in closet to easily store all of your stuff. Even a reach-in closet can handle it all! Contact us at (864) 297-9797 to get a free consultation.

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