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Look around your home…do you see clutter and items sitting out that you wish you could put away? You may be saying “Yes, but where?” You don’t need to move to a bigger home to have the storage space you need. You simply need to get a little creative and very efficient. You see, your home has storage spaces that you are not using right now because they haven’t been properly set up. Consider the valuable space sitting there unused in places like the attic, your bedroom, and even your stairs.

A Greer, SC professional organization expert can be brought into your home to help you create the storage you need for a clutter-free home. These three spots can offer much more storage than they currently are:

#1 In the attic.

Finishing your home’s attic can make a cosy, charming room, but they typically lack closets and have sharply angled ceilings. This can seem like huge obstacles to really taking advantage of the space, especially if you need another bedroom. It isn’t impossible; you just need a little help! A wall-mounted reach-in closet can be designed to slope where the ceiling angles. At the tallest parts, double hanging rods, wall shelving units, drawers and baskets fill the space. As the ceiling slopes down, open shelving and one low hanging rod provide additional storage. All of a sudden, a space that was once awkward and small offers a ton of storage!

#2 The stairs.

If your home has stairs, you already know how much space they take up- on both floors! This space is valuable and can be reclaimed as storage space with a little bit of innovation. For example, if your kids need a designated spot to tackle their homework, consider taking advantage of the space under your stairs. This often-wasted space is perfect for a small office system and extra storage. You can also get creative with the wall space along your stairs. Consider a reach-in cabinet design that keeps backpacks, shoes and other gear neat and organized. It will all be easy to grab on your way out the door!

#3 Under your bed.

If your bedroom is lacking in space, your bed is taking up a lot of the room- too much, in fact! This is why underbed storage is such a great idea. The easiest route possible is simply to buy a new bed that has storage drawers built right in. This is perfect to keep extra linens, like the quilt you only need during the winter. All of a sudden, your closet will have a lot more space!

With a system that’s designed to fit perfectly, you might discover space you didn’t realize you had. Beyond these three spaces, an organization expert from Closets Plus can help you maximize the space in your garage, hallway closets, pantry, and of course your master bedroom closet. If you’ve ever struggled with too much stuff for the space you have or the feeling that you’re running out of room for any more storage, you’re not alone. We help Greer, SC homeowners just like you on a regular basis! Having the storage options your family needs often requires customization to maximize usable space. Give us a call at (864) 297-9797 to get started. You can also reach out online and request a free consultation. It’s well worth it to add extra square footage to areas that were once unusable!

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