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If you love shoes, you need a closet that reflects this. After all, you didn’t spend the time, energy, and resources building your dream shoe collection to stuff them away. That not only ruins the quality of your shoes, but improperly storing them makes it much more difficult to find the pair that would go best with your outfit. Say goodbye to this problem and say hello to a properly stored shoe collection, made possible by the custom closet design experts at Closets Plus. When you trust our experts to renovate your shoe storage space, we will go over all the best options with you. A few of these include:

Built-in shoe shelves

What better way to see all your options than to line them up on shelves? Using built-in shelves to store your shoes is a smart and simple trick that also raises the resale value of your home when your ready to move on. This is versatility at its best!

Shoe rails for high heels

If your fantastic shoe collection features a lot of high heels, you may not want just straight shelves. A shoe rail could be the right thing for you. These rails offer a clear, unblocked view of your collection that makes choosing the perfect pair each morning easy and quick.

Rotating shoe racks

A small closet is no problem, with the right solution! A spinning rack is ideal for small closet or hard-to-reach spaces. Although you won’t be able to see all of your shoes at once, this rack will help you find what you need and keep everything from being squished.

Shoe bins

If you don’t have the space for shelves in your closet, opting for mini bins is another good idea. These bins allow you to store a lot of shoes in a small space. If you go for clear bins, you can see a view of each pair.

There are plenty more. When you’re ready to show off your shoe collection the way it deserves, reach out to us at Closets Plus! Our wide variety of finishes, materials, and details means your new shoe storage solution will blend perfectly with the rest of the bedroom design. Call us today at (864) 297-9797 for your free Greenville SC closet design consultation.

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